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MUYI FILM was founded in 2012 by the Amsterdam-based Chinese producer Jia ZHAO. The mission of the company is to create authentic and cinematic documentary films of international impact, which embrace cultural differences and express respect for human lives.

Jia Zhao, PhD
Jia Zhao, PhD founder/producer
 Jia Zhao Jia Zhao (born in Chengdu China) is a Chinese film producer based in Amsterdam. She founded MUYI FILM and SILK ROAD FILM SALON in 2012. The latter is cofounded with Afghan-Dutch film director Aboozar Amini and has as primary focus on regions along the ancient trade route Silk Road.
Jia studied biomedical sciences in China (BSc) and Japan (MSc) and obtained her PhD in the Netherlands late 2000. After that, she continued with her study in Fine Arts at Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam.

Jia speaks fluently Chinese, Japanese, English and Dutch and has established in the last years an unique international profile as a producer for producing authentic cross culture stories from Asia and Middle East, by combining “tailor-made” resources from the East and West.

Her first full producer title was for How to Get Out of the Cage (2012) by Frank Scheffer, a special edition documentary of 90’ for a DVD release on John Cage for his 100th anniversary. The DVD received the prestigious Prize of the German Phonographic Critic Association in Germany. Jia has a persistent focus on Asia and actively works with Asian filmmakers by bringing together international funding and expertise. She produced Sean Wang (1991)’s debut feature documentary Lady of the Harbour that was selected for IDFA2017. Smog Town (2019) by HAN Meng supported by IDFA Bertha Fund and Netherlands Film Fund was selected for First Appearance Competition at IDFA 2019. She is the coproducer for Zhao Liang’s latest film I’m So Sorry (2021)which is selected for special screening of Cannes Official Selection 2021.. Kabul, City in the Wind (2018), the debut feature documentary by the Afghan film director Aboozar Amini opened IDFA 2018 and received Special Jury Award (First Appearance) at IDFA2018, short listed for IDA. Inner Landscape (2019) by Frank Scheffer was chosen as the closing film at IFFR2019.

Next to her focus on documentary films, Jia also produces shorts and arthouse feature films. In 2016, the Cineaste by Aboozar Amini is selected as the first Afghan project ever selected at Locarno Opendoors at Locarno International Film Festival. In 2019, the hybrid feature film Ways to Run (working title) by Aboozar Amini is supported by Hubert Bal Fund 2018, followed by the selection for Cinefondation at Cannes International Film Festival 2019. The film is a co-production of the Netherlands, Germany, Canada and Afghanistan.

In recent years, due to her bridging role between Asia and Europe, Jia is also jury and expert for documentary film festivals and pitch forum (i.e. Tokyodocs 2019, Tribeca IF/THEN pitch IDFA 2019, DMZ 2019, GZDocs 2019, Berlinale DocSalon 2020, Vision Du Reel 2020 etc).

Since November 2017, Jia also is representing the sales and co-production in Asia at the leading distribution/production company Off the Fence. Off the Fence is hundred percent subsidiary of ZDF Enterprises.

赵佳 (祖籍成都)是荷兰籍华人国际制片人/导演/发行商,早年就读于上海同济大学。日本九州大学硕士毕业后,到荷兰深造生理学博士和绘画,精通英日荷等多种语言。任职近十年跨国公司高管之后,赵佳在荷兰阿姆斯特丹创办MUYI FILM和SILK ROAD FILM SALON (中译:丝路影视沙龙)。2017年11月德国国家台ZDF Enterprises100%控股的荷兰纪录片发行制作公司Off the Fence签约赵佳为亚洲业务总监,开发和拓宽以东亚为中心的纪录片的国际制作和发行销售等国际业务。

作为国际制片人/导演/发行代理,赵佳致力于以整合东西方多类资源为核心的国际性题材纪录片制作和传播。她与荷兰以及欧洲多家电视台及荷兰/欧盟多项影视基金会合作,推动东西跨文化题材作品的制作。此外,赵佳也尤其关注与华语,东亚及丝路新锐导演的合作,近年来也积极参与和央视等国内机构的国际项目合作,比如《中国人的活法》国际版等。赵佳和荷兰籍阿富汗导演Aboozar Amini于2012年共同创建SILK ROAD FILM SALON (丝路影视沙龙),旨在开展与丝路地域新锐影视人才的密切合作,制作与古丝路地域有关的文化艺术和影视作品。近年来也作为提案人/评委/专家嘉宾/主创代表积极参加多个中国和亚洲重要纪录片节展(CCDF纪录片大会,西湖纪录片大会,广州国际纪录片节,东京Tokyodocs,韩国DMZ纪录片节,海南国际电影节,丝绸之路电影节等)。

作品多次入围获奖于被誉为“纪录片奥斯卡”的荷兰阿姆斯特丹国际纪录片电影节(简称IDFA),戛纳国际电影节,鹿特丹国际电影节等富有影响力的国际影展。参与制片的代表近作有:反思核能源的散文诗纪录片 I’m So Sorry 《无去来处》(导演:赵亮)入选2021年戛纳国际电影节特别展映。 Inner Landscape 《内心风景》(导演:Frank Scheffer)记录现代作曲家郭文景和川剧表演艺术家沈铁梅跨界合作,创作室内乐版《思凡》并和荷兰室内乐团合作的全过程。2019年鹿特丹国际电影节世界首映之后,入围2019年上海国际电影节,广州国际纪录片节以及福州第六届丝绸之路电影节纪录片竞赛单元,荣获2019年度“金丝路“最佳纪录片荣誉奖。Kabul,City in the Wind《风中之城喀布尔》,刻画当今喀布尔城的普通人生活。选定为2018年第31届IDFA电影节的开幕片,获新锐导演国际竞赛单元评委会大奖。中国新锐导演王申的《芳舟》,Lady of the Harbour, 关于希腊华人参与难民援助的纪录片入选2017年第30届 IDFA荷兰竞赛单元。《乌鸦是美丽的》,The Crow is Beautiful, 与荷兰国家艺术电视台合作,聚焦中国伤痕艺术代表艺术家何多苓(导演:Frank Scheffer & 赵佳)2017年IDFA大师单元;。与德国ARTE/ ZDF电视台合作,反映中国现代女生活和奋斗的纪录片《落下花长满叶》Fallen Flowers Thick Leaves(入围2016年第29届IDFA荷兰竞赛单元。《知觉》The Perception 在2016年鹿特丹国际电影节首映,获电影评论人大奖。反映海外华人生活的《胡先生和庙》入围2015年IDFA荷兰竞赛单元。